Saturday, March 5, 2011

Las Mejores Imagenes de ITALIA (Europa)

Aqui les dejo una coleccion de Las Mejores Imagenes de ITALIA (Europa), espero os guste..xD
Las imagenes gracias a: [FunOnTheNet] *ITALY*_* 13
Region: Europe
Area total: 301,338 km2 
Coast line: Mediterranean Sea, Adriatic Sea, Tyrrhenian Sea
Capital: Rome
DANTE Alighieri (Monument of Dante in front of Santa Croce-Florence)
He was a major Italian poet of the Middle Ages.
His "Divine Comedy" is considered the greatest literary work and a masterpiece of world literature.
The cave of Buontalenti-Florence - Boboli Gardens
San Gimignano
San Gimignano is a small walled medieval hill town in the province of Siena, Tuscany, north-central Italy.
It is mainly famous for its medieval architecture, especially its towers, which may be seen from several kilometres outside the town.
San Gimignano
San Gimignano
Cathedral Siena
Campo Square where Palio (horse races) held.
Historical area in Siena